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Animal 2: The Omen (2013)

by K'wan(Favorite Author)
4.71 of 5 Votes: 3
1936399296 (ISBN13: 9781936399291)
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review 1: This was another decent outing from K'Wan centering around the unkillable Animal and his friends. Like the other Animal books this one is high octane from start to finish. A bit more about Black Lotus's past is revealed and the feud between King James crew and the Clark family comes to a believable end. In fact I only had two complaints about this book that kept it from being a higher rated novel in my opinion. First of all, the amount of sex scenes, I kept thinking I had accidently picked up a copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey". The second complaint is about the cop deaths. Yes I know these are just fiction books, but K'Wan usually does a great job of keeping his books more accurate. There is no way that many police officers would be killed in a matter of days in any c... moreity in the US and the whole country wouldn't go insane. That and the fact that Animal and crew kept escaping unscathed from these cop killings just was too far fetched for me.
review 2: This book finds Animal alive...once again, under the protection of his father, Priest and sister Kahllah, a.k.a Black Lotus. In the midst of it all, he is also trying to bring down his archenemy , which is Shai Clark. As promised, there will be plenty of bloodshed, but when and where will it all end? Another 5 star banger, that will leave the reader thirsting for more. Anxiously awaiting the next installment. less
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What can I say K'wan is the man....Animal 2 @ goes hard just like every other book K'wan drops!
lawd I can't wait for the next one the ending was like no other..
I can Not believe he would end the book like that OMG!!! SMH.
I loved this book. K'wan is my favorite author!!
Fantastic!!! A real page turner
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