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Black Lotus (2014)

by K'wan(Favorite Author)
4.33 of 5 Votes: 3
1617752665 (ISBN13: 9781617752667)
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review 1: What do you do when your past is in the running with your present? Trouble and death are lurking in the shadows, threatening to consume you, what do you do? Is there a Black Lotus lurking to correct your grave errors and mistakes?Black Lotus opens with an exhilarating scene straight from the movies. You can feel the wind whipping and hear the voice breezing through the silence. You can see the look on Father Fleming’s face as death approaches without remorse. You feel the hooks enter into your skin and this lets you know that this is going to be one ride that you will not forget.Detective James Wolf better known as Lone Wolf is a detective that gets the job done within the letter of the law with all the brashness of a bull. Detective Wolf is all about getting the case so... morelved and giving a little peace. Detective Wolf is not without his own story and how he became known as the Lone Wolf in the police department. Wolf’s captain, Captain Marx is about to open a can of worms for Wolf that will not be able to be closed. Captain Marx has a hidden agenda and thinks Wolf will not figure out that agenda, but as we come to know Wolf, we know that Wolf is way more intelligent than he given credit of being. Throw into the mix a reporter of the female persuasion and the ante has just picked up. Kahllah is the reporter whose own story will bring tears to your eyes and make you fighting mad.This mix of characters with the story comes to life in big form and fashion. You will not believe the twists and turns that take place. Get ready for a ride that is thrilling and on the edge. K’Wan stepped up to the plate and delivered a five star story that is gritty and demands your attention from beginning to end.Reviewed By: LaLa Garrett
review 2: A quick read that wastes no time. Though I guessed a significant part of the story near the beginning, this still turned out to be pretty good. It wasn't a story that had not been done before, but the ending was not happy in a traditional sense so I enjoyed it. I would be interested in Black Lotus sequels, and maybe expanding on the character a little more. Also, Lone Wolf James... How bad ass of a name is that? less
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Well then this book is crazy good.To learn a lil more of the black lotus definitely a must read
It was unlike K'Wan's past work and exceeded my expectations.Read within 24 hours
Good read. I like Detective Wolfe. This one has a twist at the end :)
omg love it a must read love me some wolf he us off the hook
Another 5 star banger !!!!
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