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The Given & The Taken (2012)

by L.A. Witt(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Tooth and Claw
review 1: Not sure what to think of this. Honestly? After a while I wanted Levi and Darius together and to hell with Ian and his brooding self which is weird because he was the point of the whole story from the start. I mean, the whole "running" thing was just absurd. I realize it was necessary for Levi and Darius to know each other and fall in love but from my point of view reading about Ian fleeing in the back of trucks, cold and all alone, was boring, irritating and pretty much useless. Then the three of them get together, have sex and Levi has to leave again to save them all. Of course everything goes badly and Selena dies so they can live. My thoughts on that? A little more planning would've done wonders for them and I was not impressed with anything but the sex scenes and only... more those between Darius and Levi. Ian is just...meh. He does nothing for me. I couldn't connect with him at all and simply don't understand what either Darius or Levi see in him. I admit I'm curious to know more because nothing actually was solved in this book but probably not enough to actually bother reading the next book. Sorry.
review 2: Exactly how not to start a threesome. This read was all wrong for me and I feel compelled to explain why due to the fact that Witt was/is? on auto-buy. Usually when I read Witt I get so invested in her characters that I love when they love, hurt when they hurt, and feel what they feel. I can honestly say I felt no happiness for Ian, Darius, Selena, or Levi. Just a sad sense of acceptance. A "this is how it is so let's move on." Every conversation "told" me what Selena gave up so that Levi and Ian could be happy, what Darius felt towards Ian, why Levi felt betrayed, and how they all were going to get over it. This was a hot mess and I have to say I would not buy a sequel. I care not a smidgen about their futures. The scene when Levi, Darius, and Ian are all in the hotel room just didn't sit right. Darius and Levi were an easy way to end that conflict. I am still feeling bewildered as to how this book was supposed to make the reader feel. A drawn out read without enough substance. Not recommended. less
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Kind of dragged in the middle but the end with all the hotness moved it Tim 3ish sar to four.
Very cute love the developed plot
Own 2nd in series also!
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