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Winnemucca, A Small-town Fairy Tale (2000)

by Laura A.H. Elliott(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
1466280611 (ISBN13: 9781466280618)
review 1: Wonderfully written and often profound. The style was very distinctive - in many respects it reminded me of early Alice Hoffman, but this felt more grounded in reality (in a good way) and often probed deeper into the thoughts and motivations of the characters. The writing probably ran over-long in some parts, but everything was so beautifully put together it was a pleasure to read it for reading's sake.
review 2: Winnemucca is one of the most beautifully written YA novels I've ever read. Ms. Eilliot's voice is unique. It keeps you captivated and makes putting Winnemucca down, impossible. Ginny is the main character and in so many ways the reader can relate to her life. Everyone in her life knows what is best for her and they don't care what Ginny wants. Li
... moreke so many of us Ginny has to find the courage to fight for her dreams, her desires, and the guy she loves. The story begins with Ginny walking down a dusty road confused and scared of the future that is being mapped out for her by her family and boyfriend. Everyone believes she is living the perfect life but it isn't what Ginny wants. She is unhappy and lost. Needing to get away from a horrible mistake and wanting to find the mother she has never known Ginny sets out on an adventure that will have you crying, cheering and laughing while you read how one young girl fights for her choices in life instead of just sitting back and accepting fate. less
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I was disappointed in this book, it rambled and often didn't make sense.
This is nothing I was expecting! Definately glad I read it. :)
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