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13 On Halloween (2011)

by Laura A.H. Elliott(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 2
1466360453 (ISBN13: 9781466360457)
review 1: Very good book one I couldn't put down for five seconds, you learn a lot about the characters and their personalities I definitely would recommend this book. Roxie is a young teenager going through a lot including a secret place that eventually makes everything worse until towards the end when you wonder what is next for Roxie in book two, yes you catch a glimpse of the book in this one to see some of the series growing.
review 2: A fast fun very enjoyable read. Roxie is a 12 year old girl on the night of her 13th birthday. She wants has an OK life a family and a best friend but wants to be popular. What she calls "a peacock".During her 13th birthday party her wish in a way is granted by a special birthday present. But all us not as it seems. Lots of fun and R
... moreoxie us a unique quirky character who is very easy to identify with. During the book she learns some truths about growing up and has to come to terms with something about life in the popular crowd. There's a fun paranormal element too. A delightful read. Also crossing off another square for Book Bingo - a child narrator. In my eyes a just turned 13 year old is still a child less
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Didn't really get this book at all!!
My daughter says she enjoyed it.
good young adult book to read.
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