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The Bookman Histories (2012)

by Lavie Tidhar(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 3
0857663003 (ISBN13: 9780857663009)
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review 1: I generally have an ambivalent relationship with the "steampunk" genre. As a concept it excites me and I really want to enjoy it more than I actually end up doing in most cases. I am happy to report that Lavie Tidhar's The Bookman History's was a success for me on all levels. The Bookman History's is a collection of the three novels in Tidhar's Bookman series (The Bookman, Camera Obscura and The Great Game). The novels are told in different styles, with different protagonists, but are centered around the same series of events (and the fallout from them) and take place in an alternative Victorian Era where England is ruled by anthropomorphic lizards from outer space, and France is controlled by a secret faction of sentient automatons. It is filled with lots of amusing ... morereinterpretations of famous historical and literary characters of the period. All things considered a fast and fun read. Recommended.
review 2: Read book one. Ummed and aahed. Left it there assuming I'd never read books two or three but felt book one was ok; enjoyable but a little too random to really settle into. Now, however, I find I'm increasingly compelled to revisit the world of the Bookman. Which means it's done something right, I'm just damned if I can work out what it is. Refreshing, odd, haphazard steampunk that reads like Victorian England viewed through a kaleidoscope. A good romp, thoroughly perplexing but quite a lot of fun. Contains lizards. less
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Awesome! Alternate history and positively stuffed with literary references.
I enjoyed but not as good as some of the other steampunk novels I've read.
Note to self: the library has the ebook of this omnibus edition.
excellent...coulod not put it down.
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