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The Postcard (2014)

by Leah Fleming(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
Simon & Schuster UK
review 1: just wondering with skimming the few reviews if we were reading the same book ? I didnt expect to reading about scotland but hey this book has drawn me in .. written very much like my fave author ... in fact if it were written by her I would raving about this story ... if it continues to be be so good then indeed 1) I need to read her others and 2) my fave author might just be fighting for top positionupdate:finished this just now ...can safely say that I loved LOVE this ... deffo have to pass this book along to my best friend
review 2: This is a funny sort of review. I've actually only read 133 pages of The Postcard and skimmed the rest. It's strange how books find you. I bought it for the train last week mainly because it was about 1930s London and 2002 Austr
... morealia. I thought, at first, that Leah Fleming was an Australian Woman Wirter but no, she isn't. It wasn't until I got home that I discovered the reference to Beaulieu Abbey that really intrigued me and after being naughty and checking the acknowledgements I quickly realised what Fleming had taken on.I decided to actually write this review and award three stars because of the subject matter that Fleming has tackled and also because I don't normally read popular fiction and I'm still not sure if my criticisms are because of that fact or because of the construction of the books. For me Fleming did Scotland and Callie's childhood really well. The trouble with the narrative begins when Callie grows up and her experiences are sandwiched between Phoebe's. Somehow this seems to lesson the high points in the story especially what happens to Callie during the war. I personally think we should have had more of Melissa and less of Phoebe. Would love to hear what other readers think! less
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Great read. Good story. Good writing. Attention-gripping. Worth your time.
I really enjoyed The Postcard. I like Leah Fleming's style of writing.
Excellent read!! Highly recommend
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