December Favorites

I hope you all had an amazing 2017!

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train has been a gateway book into the world of adult, suspense, and psychologically intense book genres. I wouldn’t consider myself “guilty” for enjoying YA for the majority of my life…I am only 23 (going on 24) years old. For about half my life, I was a young adult. However, I find I lack a personal connection with these YA books now-a-days; that all I can feel is the judgmental little nymph in the back of my head moaning and groaning with a “get off my lawn” attitude as I read these wishy-washy love stories. Love exchanged by kids who don’t even realize that THERE IS MORE TO FUCKING LIFE THAN THAT DREAMY HUNK THAT JUST MOVED HERE FROM HANDSOME MC.FUCK-YOURSELF-TOWN… Sorry… got a little carried away there. But seriously?! Harry Potter is considered a children’s book and still has deeper meaning and morals than a wise old Buddha sitting atop a mountain. I’m just saying that if you’re at that age where you don’t quite connect to YA anymore and you’re looking for some new books to get started in the NA (new adult) and Adult Fiction genres, I recommend The Girl on the Train.

I mean, I’m not saying I relate to the storyline… but it’s definitely something different and fresh than all the dreamy love stories putting unrealistic ideas and standards into kid’s minds. This book really makes you think, not just letting you be swept away to a fantasy daydream. It has some twists and turns and yes I got physically angry at some characters in this book. This was the first “adult” book I’ve read and by god, I don’t think I can ever go back to YA ever again. Well, Sarah Dessen’s Lock and Key has some pretty adult themes… So she passes. But truly, honestly, The Girl on the Train is such a good book! The only thing that may be difficult for some people, the book follows different people and different timelines… but it all comes together and lines up in the end so don’t be too worried about that.

You Are A Badass

You Are A Badass, a self-help book by the wonderful Jen Sincero, has re-sparked the fire under my butt and motivated me to get my life back on track and to get what I want from life. Law of Attraction is such a powerful miracle in life and I whole heartedly believe in it with my subconscious state of mind. However, every so often I fall off the miracle train and start doubting and judging and letting my ego run rampant. Which is totally normal, I understand that. The vast majority of the population has been taught that nothing is fair and you have to work ungodly hard to get even a little bit of what life has to offer.

You Are A Badass isn’t like other self-help books like The Secret that just tell you it’s as easy as flipping a switch and just BE HAPPY. There is nothing wrong with The Secret, it’s a good book to open the door for dabbler to the world of Law of Attraction. But for someone who is a little bit more skeptic or just needs a good swift quick in the ass to get back on the right track. Unapologetic and funny as hell, You Are A Badass is best listened to by the author herself. She brings her own humor and realness to the audiobook that a skeptic reader’s little voice in their mind may not convey as well as Jen.

If you are looking for that good ass kicking to get you back on track and become one with the Universe, LISTEN, don’t read, You Are A Badass!

Born to Kill

Let’s see a rapist try to rape me with this baby! I have always wanted a pocket knife for both badassery feel and logical protection. Also being able to whip it out for your boyfriend when he can’t open a damn package, sure makes you feel like Xena Warrior Princess. I had been carrying a bleh utility knife that was a just-in-case tool for protection. But it was dull, had too many other bits-bobs to it, and I just needed a damn knife!

So I took to Alien Outfitters and bought myself this spring assisted stiletto blade Tac-Force pocket knife. And Oh Golly, is this baby a beast! For a girl that has never bought or owned any type of weapon, it felt a bit scary to start carrying a long ass knife on me all the time. The spring assisted opening function was terrifying at first. I had a fear that it’d open by itself in my pants and I’d stab myself… so much for protection. But after about a week of wearing and getting more comfortable handling the opening function, I freaking love blades and knives! I feel protected and badass to the freaking max!

I will say that this is a long knife both closed and open. So if you can, start off with something shorter. But if you’re like “fuck it,” go balls-to-the-wall and get this baby!

The Perfect Eyeliner

The student has becomw the master… My eyeliner can fucking cut a rapist in the jugular, thanks to two little cheap ass products. Sephora eyeliner pen and Nyx matte liquid liner. You ain’t gonna break the bank trying to slay your makeup. No credit debt or personal loans…just about $12 and you got eyes that slaaaaay! I get so many compliments on how sharp my eyeliner is and “how the fuck do I do that!?” secret is, I cheat. I don’t try to free hand it, or hold my breath…even though lack of oxygen helps. All I do is use the pen, stamp the wing at the right angle, and then just fill it in with the matte liquid liner… That’s it! I will have to do a tutorial on it as soon as I can. But it’s really that easy! I’m not trying to sell you on this crazy new device that is sure to get you the perfect cat eye every time. It just takes a little patience, but really just let the tools do the work for you.

Tonks, the magical purse

I mentioned this purse in a previous blog post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet… BUY THIS PURSE!

My own personal bookstore

I literally just bought this bookcase and I love it! I mean, it’s just Target and its nothing special, it’s just more of the idea that all my precious books have a home and aren’t shivering their pages out in the cold dank garage anymore. (That’s a lie, Ryan renovated the garage so it’s actually REALLY nice!) But that’s beside the point. I have my own BOOKSTORE! I have a tendency to binge buy books from the Goodwill Bookstore, and then let them sit while I reread a juicy novel for the 13th time. I eventually get to them, but it’s such a long time before I do. Now that I have a bookcase, I feel more inclined to try a new book and feel like I’m putting a dent into a library, “Oh that, I’ve read that whole shelf.” The bookcase has already been filled to the brim, but I plan on unhauling books that I know I won’t want to reread. Which brings me back to binge shopping, most of my books are thrifted so I don’t feel bad re-donating them to get new ones from the thrift store. It’s a cycle that’s justifiable.

My very own, amazing and wonderful aerial hammock

Probably the best Christmas present I have gotten to date. If you know me, you know I am an aerial monkey. I love the circus and I love performing. I have been a part of the circus life for almost a year now. 1 year in March. And I have loved every moment I walked in the studio and learned something new. I’m so far from where I want to be but getting there is what I am enjoying. The small victories, the stretching, the training, the strengthening. I love it all. So for Ryan to get me my own hammock, that I had to name Sirius, was literally the best thing someone could do for me. Thing is, I knew it was coming… but opening it on Christmas Day, I was a hot teary mess with a huge lump in my throat.

I can practice on my own, abide by only the suns rules. I can practice all day if I want or not at all. I can work my body till is sore and achy, or just cocoon and read the day away. The only thing stopping me is my ability to throw a damn rope over a tree branch, with a little help from Ryan, only takes 5 tries.

Having my own hammock will really accelerate my aerial journey. I can perfect even the tiniest of movements and perform in a way that even the teachers will be in awe. I am so happy with Sirius, I plan on taking him everywhere and anywhere. If there is even the slightest chance there is a tree where I am going, I will be there, hanging Sirius, and playing to my heart’s content.


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