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Hlasy Chaosu (2014)

by Leonard Rosen(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 2
Henri Poincaré Mystery
review 1: What was this even about? Nice descriptions of fractal imagery, but virtually no connection between the mathematics and/or images, and the presumed murder plot. A disappointment. The "official" review drew comparisons to Dan Brown's writing, which should have been a warning to me - both Brown and Rosen appear to have only a headline chasing appreciation of real science, and their attempts to drive a plot with their total misconceptions are frustrating.
review 2: A very complex mystery, more an unblinking look at man's nature than a whodunit. Poincare is an Interpol Detective investigating the bombing murder of a brilliant American mathematician who is in Amsterdam for the meeting of the World Trade Organization. Poincare's invesstigation takes him from Bosnia
... more to Garmisch to Minnesota to Las Vegas physically. Mentally he travels through chaos theory, fractals, greed, the rights of indigenous people, love and forgiveness, child murder, and deep personal tragedy. Heavy lifting, not for all readers. I found the mathematics and fractal discussions fascinating, the characters engaging and poetic. This is a first book; I look forward to more! less
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Loved it! Smart thriller that kept me guessing! Can't wait to meet the author tomorrow!!!!
Debut novel in a series about an Interpol detective
Became too horrific, I couldn't finish.
Great mystery / thriller!
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