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Easy Innocence (2002)

by Libby Fischer Hellmann(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
1932557695 (ISBN13: 9781932557695)
Bleak House Books
Georgia Davis
review 1: This was a great book. I found no errors, unlike a lot of kindle books, and that was nice. The story started out strong and I immediately got into the book. It took a while for the whole story to come together, though, and I felt like it all came out at the end and was a bit rushed. The characters were lovable and I enjoyed getting to know them. There wasn't much of a back story on Georgia even though it was alluded to throughout the book. I will have to read whatever book we find all that out in.
review 2: I still rate "A Bitter Veil" tops among the works of Libby Fischer Hellmann that I've read, because it was painted on a bigger canvas, so to speak. But this one is now the runner-up, along with "ToxiCity". She's found another compelling (and spicy!) the
... moreme to write about, and Davis is a well-drawn protagonist. One of the things that struck me again here is that Hellmann is writing fiction, but it truly seems real, not like a TV show or movie. I think that's because her characters -- women and men, young and old -- are all so believable. less
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Excellent read! I couldn't put it down. Full of suspense, kept you wondering till the end.
Very good entry in this female private eye series.
Could have a 3 1/2. Good read.
Free on Amazon 07/19/2012.
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