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Le Mystère Du Drake Mécaniste (2013)

by Lilith Saintcrow(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 1
225316965X (ISBN13: 9782253169659)
Le Livre de Poche
Bannon & Clare
review 1: I love predictable authors. And by predictable I mean I can pick up one of their books off the shelf, glance at the back blurb, and buy it knowing it'll be a good, entertaining read. Saintcrow is definitely one of those authors for me, and this latest venture didn't disappoint. This is a new one for her - steampunk rather than the usual urban fantasy. But it still has the non-stop action, the strong female character, and a great supporting cast that I've come to expect from her novels. I'll definitely be picking up the sequels.
review 2: Not quite as engaging as the "Soulless" series by... I forget, look it up...but it has somewhat the same flavor, not surprisingly. This is an alternate world during the time of what, in the real earth, would be Victorian E
... morengland. Sorcery abounds, as well as "mentaths", who are pillars of logic and generally antithetical to sorcerers. In this book, one of the last remaining mentaths (someone is killing them off) comes under the protection of one of the most powerful sorcerers to discover the cause. An awful lot of characters, it seemed, with a lot of implied, and never totally explicated, back story. Maybe I would have liked it better if there had been a little less plot and a little more character development. less
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forced my self to chapter 6 ...kept wondering if i missed a book ...
J'abandonne, le récit n'a ni queue ni tête !
on to the next book....
*** 3,5 stars ***
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