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Tempt Me Not (2000)

by Lily Graison(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Ms. Graison has come a long way in her writing since this was penned. I prefer her Willow Creek books over this series. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with this particular story, but the language and sex was coarse compared to her other books. Take my words with a grain of salt. This just isn't my preferred material, but I can respect the author's ability to reach out to a variety of readers. It WAS a fast read and a quick escape from the day to day humdrums. Devin, the stressed rock star, started out as a total azzhat. Holly held her own, but both characters were pretty crude in the beginning. The plot was basic rock star meets girl which leads to steamy passion and a predictable happy ending. The wrap up DID give me warm fuzzies, even if it was a bit cl... moreiche. Knowing the talent of this author, I recommend her work and will continue to read her books. Some of her historical westerns have been truly touching.
review 2: Devin is the lead guitarist of the famous band, Wicked, is supposed to be taking some time alone in a secluded cabin. Holly is supposed to be enjoying a women's only getaway with her best friend, who bales at the last minute due to work commitments; so Holly goes alone, looking forward to a quiet week. Imagine both of their surprises when they find themselves booked in the same cabin! Holly has a smart mouth which makes for a funny read. Devin is HOT which makes for great sex scenes and romance. less
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The best part of this book??... The ending. That is all.
A predictable story without any originality.
Spunky heroine gives her hero a good run!
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