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The Dead Will Tell (2014)

by Linda Castillo(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 3
1250029570 (ISBN13: 9781250029577)
Minotaur Books
Kate Burkholder
review 1: A good mystery set in the Ohio Amish community. The mystery revolves around an Amish family that owns a family furniture making business in the late 70's. The family home is broken into by four masked bandits who are there to rob the family. Things go awry and the father is shot and killed. The children are put in the basement where a fire breaks out and four children die in the blaze. The mother is dragged off and is never heard from again. Move forward 30 years and murders are being committed. The victims have an Amish wooden peg doll in their throat with the name of the Amish furniture maker on it. The police chief needs to figure out who the killer is while piecing together the links of how the victims are connected.
review 2: Another great book by Cas
... moretillo. I've read all of her books and especially like the character of Kate Burkholder and the Amish culture she writes about. This story seemed a little darker than usual, probably because the story told about the murder of some children and the disappearance of the mother. Trying to solve this murder case which happened 35 years earlier, introduced many other characters for the reader to get involved with and then try to guess which ones were involved in this terrible murder. Castillo writing style is well-done, detailed, and leads the readers deep into the story. less
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Loved this book! kept my attention the whole way through. Great twists throughout :)
Kate solves the mystery of an apparent suicide in the Amish community.
Same characters , different story . A quick read
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