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Rebels And Traitors (2009)

by Lindsey Davis(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 2
1846056322 (ISBN13: 9781846056321)
review 1: I love Lindsey Davis work normally -- enjoyed her Falco series immensely -- but I couldn't get through this one. Had to return it to the library after around 200 pages. It was all in what I expected, I suppose. If I wanted to check out a history book on the English Civil War, Davis' book would be a good one to read. But I was expecting a novel with full character development, plot movement and an aim toward resolution, but I got a history book instead. So if I can change my expectations, I may check this out and try again since Davis writing is excellent and her descriptions of the settings and that period of history do bring it alive for me.
review 2: A rather thick and ambitious project, Rebels and Traitors explores the 17th-century English Civil War in g
... morereat detail. Overlapping stories of Royalists, Parliamentarians, men, and women allow the reader to vividly imagine life in this era with all its struggles and uncertainty. With the detail provided, this novel does not always make for the easiest reading and at times I wondered if the author might have been better suited to write a history of this era instead of a novel. less
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Dense but good as all Lindsey Davis books are. More like history than fiction.
At last!!The subject matter was interesting but it dragged so much.
I want to talk about this one when you are done.
Wonderful blend of history and story-telling.
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