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The Next Forever (2013)

by Lisa Burstein(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
162266003X (ISBN13: 9781622660032)
Entangled Publishing (Ever After)
review 1: Honestly?? This book just didn't do it for me. The author didnt' go into the pasts of these characters. This one night is just not enough to actually know what the future will hold for Joe and Amy.I am holding a strong 1.5-2 stars for this book. While a short book, it should have at least gone into the background of these two. I felt myself not really caring about the main characters at all. No feeling and really not any spark!
review 2: Cute short story - I was expecting longer, but it was cute anyways . Joe and Amy have been friends forever - growing up across the street made things easy. But they weren't always the same people they are now. Amy has a bad girl vibe inside her. After she was arrested, she gave up her old life. And Joe became her new life. Now
... more they are in college together, Amy is starting to get bored with the oh so wonderful life she and Joe have. And when Joe drops the bomb and asks her to move in with him, she almost panics. Joe knows there is something wrong with Amy. They've known each other for so long, he knows everything about her. He's afraid he's going to lose her, especially now that he wants to venture out and join a frat. A frat she totally disproves of. Joe asks Amy to go to the library with him while he studies... On a Friday night?? Yeah, He knew Amy would tell him she'd rather not. They'll hook up later that night and all will be well. Except instead of going to the library, Joe sneaks off to the Frat house to start his Rush week.. Of course Amy didn't want to go to the library, but she didn't want to sit in her room either. On her way back to her Dorm, she ran into Trevor. The bad boy that caught Amy's eye. He reminded her of her past, the fun she use to have. When he offers to take her to a party, she didn't tell him no.... Joe and Amy face many challenges that night - testing their relationship and feelings towards each other. What they discover, is beyond what either of them ever though would happen :) See- like I said, Cute story :) less
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Cute! A good story even if you haven't read Pretty Amy :)
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