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Sessiz Çığlık (2012)

by Lisa Gardner(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
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Detective D.D. Warren
review 1: Una sorpresa incredibile. Lo tenevo lì in attesa da mesi e per qualche motivo mi ero immaginata un romanzo totalmente diverso.Ho iniziato a leggere e a pagina 1 ho capito che lo avrei finito senza fermarmi.Innegabilmente un giallo, o forse un thriller, ricco di intrecci, colpi di scena, interrogatori, ipotesi, false piste, ma in realtà c’è anche altro.C’è amore e c’è odio, trovi speranza mista a rassegnazione, voglia di rivalsa ma anche di rinuncia. C’è la sconfitta e c’è la vittoria; c’è la giustizia e anche l’ingiustizia.E ci sono pagine che non vorresti proprio leggere perché alle volte la brutalità e la malvagità umana preferiresti nasconderle in un angolino buio e lasciarle lì per non farti ferire e spaventare, ma sono proprio queste pagine c... morehe rendono il libro reale e credibile e per questo, per certi versi, agghiacciante.
review 2: this was not my favorite. I can tell you it was because I didn't really "feel" for the characters. The husband who doesn't seem to want to assist in finding his wife, the neighbor who becomes a suspect but the entire time just whines about not having an breaks as a register sex offender, the father who returns rather conveniently, and the computer geeks (both of them) who fall in love trying to play hero. As the story wrapped up it gave you much more insight as to why the characters were acting as they did, but it was almost (note I said almost) too late to obtain sympathy as the reader. I wish they made the characters a little more likeable. Sad to say that the sex offender neighbor, despite previously noted whining, was the one you had the most background on from the beginning and thus resulted in the most likeable being as you had a reference point for his actions. The daughter Ree was adorable and brought the reader back to the point that a mother was missing. On a positive note, there was mystery (a little too much) and it kept you guessing to the end. less
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My summary: What a mess. I think Gardner has a thing for writing not-so-innocent victims.
Was good reading. Got a little distracted but ending brought me back completely.
3rd in the saga..another good read.
Awesome and fast read!
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