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Kızım İçin Son Kez (2011)

by Lisa Gardner(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 2
Martı Yayınları
Detective D.D. Warren
review 1: I like Lisa Gardner. I think her books are suspenseful, and oftentimes I DO NOT know what is really happening until the last few chapters. However, I've finally figured out what is bugging me about the D.D. Warren series. First of all D.D. is--at best--a supporting character in the first couple books. When her role becomes more prominent in #3 The Neighbor, the book I've liked most so far(!), the predictable "hero" role the police play in this Whodunnit type of book diminishes. *Spoilers ahead* Bobby Dodge saves the day. D.D. doesn't. In fact, in The Neighbor, she barely needed to be there for the lack of help she contributed. The other characters sought revenge, etc, and D.D. doesn't play the role of a female super-cop--or even a very competent cop--at all. Throughout the... more series she is foiled more than once, or is confused more than once. In #4's climax she bursts into the scene after pretty much everything is said and done. In #5 Bobby returns and takes the lead in the book's climax. Again, aside from making some good observations about Tessa Leoni's motivation, D.D. contributed little and spent most of the book fretting about her personal life (albeit justified). TL/DR: Even with a female author, the male cop plays the hero more often than the lone female cop. Usually *other* female characters in the books are better written and have more of the "strong, self-possessed, motivated female" model I'm after. So it's sometimes odd that this is the D.D. Warren series...
review 2: Zvyčajne je v detektívkach iba jeden typ rozprávača. Tu sú dvaja, ktorí spĺňajú svoju úlohu úžasne. Ani som sa nenazdala a bol koniec diela. Milujem ťa viac vám vyrazí dych a určite si budete chcieť prečítať aj iný počin od tejto spisovateľky. Stránky budete hltať a 400-stranovú detektívku rozlúsknete ani nie za deň. V čom spočíva taká ohromná kvalita tejto knihy? To musíte zistiť sami, no ja vám ju vrelo odporúčam a myslím si, že je vhodným darčekom pre čitateľa, ktorý zbožňuje práve tento žáner. less
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Muito bom até 2/3 do livro e depois torna-se um policial vulgar.
Definitely a page turner, couldn't put it down!!
Not her best but an enjoyable read.
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