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The Neighbour (2009)

by Lisa Gardner(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
1409101037 (ISBN13: 9781409101031)
Detective D.D. Warren
review 1: Lisa Gardner is a perfectly respectable writer, she has some well-written moments of ingenuity and manages to make her overlong book interesting/bearable for the most part, which makes it incredibly frustrating that the story is sorely disappointing. The novel is plainly predictable at points (which I consider to be the biggest sin for a suspense thriller), which makes it very tough to trust her going forward. And frankly, the ultimate reveal doesn't make for a satisfying reward at end of 370 pages. Which brings up another issue, the book is inexplicably long..I have no problems with long books(currently reading "fall of giants") unless the writer is hell bent on filling pages.Unfortunately, The book, though, not boring,just doesn't work. It doesn't work as a classical mis... moresing person's thriller, definitely not as a character study(the book is filled with hard-ridden cliches), or as a "constantly guessing game".
review 2: Nie mogłam się oderwać...Kilka razy przychodziło mi do głowy porównanie i pewne podobieństwa do Zaginionej dziewczyny (póki co w wersji filmowej, bo lektura przede mną)... Zaginiona żona, podejrzany mąż, medialny cyrk... Ale jak widać w Stanach takie rzeczy na porządku dziennym... I ten finał ;)Ciekawym zabiegiem zrobienie jednym z bohaterów i pokazanie dalszych losów postaci z innej powieści autorki - Say goodbye, która akurat nie bardzo przypadła mi do gustu. Tutaj natomiast - mistrzostwo! less
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Couldn't put this book down! Full of twists & turns. The ending really surprised me!
I like her books for a good fast read and a great mystery
Could NOT put this down! Excellent, page-turning story!
Fun to keep guessing until the end!
Book #76 read in 2014
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