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The 7th Month (2012)

by Lisa Gardner(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I greatly enjoyed listening to Lisa Gardner’s 7th Month. It’s more of a novella than a novel being only two discs long but it makes for an amusing take on being 7 months pregnant and a homicide detective, who has been stuck on desk duty. Luckily for D.D. Warren, a movie producer appears when she is alone at the office and he is looking for a detective to be a consultant to replace the retired policeman who has stopped showing up for work. The film involves the police and he wants an expert to make certain the actors don’t do something that would violate police procedures. It turns out the first expert has been murdered and there’s more action and intrigue behind the scenes than in front of the cameras. D.D.comes through and manages to solve the case and escape... more the paperwork by going into premature labor. At the end Mother & Son are doing fine; at least until D.D. has to go back to work.
review 2: “7th” is a 71-page ebook “novella” from Lisa Gardner, featuring DD Warren, a Boston PD Homicide Detective, on administrative duty herein during her seventh month of pregnancy. Bored with the lack of action, she takes on a moonlighting job to consult to a movie being filmed nearby, only to discover that the previous technical consultant, a retired cop, has been murdered; and DD herself, in a dimly lit cemetery set, thwarts an attempt to off one of the actors. There’s not much time in such a short tale for many other developments or many clues, but of course DD, with a little help from her baby’s father Alex, also in law enforcement, closes in on the perpetrator, and all is well.Don’t look for many thrills or chills from such a quick read (maybe all of twenty minutes) – and the cynic in us is wondering if these ebook novellas from established authors are little more than paid advertising for their next full-length novel – the first chapter of Gardner's “Catch Me” is provided as a gratis teaser at the end of the story. Come to think of it, three stars might be generous... less
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Short stories with another episode in DDs life and career.
Does not live up to the other D.D. Warren stories.
Miss Bobby Dodge in story line from this book on
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