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The Ghost Hunter (2000)

by Lori Brighton(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
The Hunter
review 1: The story piqued my interest but at the same time I was disappointed. Without giving away the plot too much; the heroine had no character development or even self discovery going on. The battle between the foe was confusing. The story wasn't fully developed hence the disappointment. It could have been great if the various avenues that the author presented had been fully developed an example being the heroine understanding the full extent of her powers.
review 2: It was an entertaining, fast-paced read for me. The plot was interesting - more so, than the chemistry between Christian and Ashley. Even though I liked Christian and Ashley (she a little less as the story continued because of her self-absorbed tendencies), I found the secondary characters more exciti
... moreng to read. The chemistry between Christian and Ashley was forced and contrived. Personally, I would've liked an amicable working relationship that slowly builds into affection and romance but, maybe, it would've created a whole new story. less
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It was ok for a freebie!
I really enjoyed this
it was a an ok book
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