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The Mind Thieves (2000)

by Lori Brighton(Favorite Author)
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Mind Readers
review 1: **SPOILER FREE MY FELLOW BOOK WORMS**"The Mind Thieves", the second installment of a three part series by Lori Brighton. Taking place a few months after the first book. Aaron has done the unthinkable to Cameron. And the trust issues she had in the past, are ten times worse for her now. Being wanted for her mind reading abilities. While she still doesn't fully understand them her self. Living on the edge everything day, every piece of Cameron's life as she knows it. Comes crashing together. The beginning of the book, did remind me a little of book one. Just felt like the story was just repeating it's self just a little. While this wasn't bad, it made the book boring for me. I remembered everything in the first book. So I was just ready to gain some new detail in book two. T... morehe book did get better, so that's a huge plus. I unfortunately have seen a few bad (maybe more then a few) review's for this book. And actually don't understand why. I started reading "THE MINDER READER" series, to have a book on my kindle to read at night. Now the fact the series is for a great price, pulls this mother of 3 in right away. And overall, it's NOT A BAD SERIES. It's a simple, easy read. I enjoy this series, for what it is. Simple, and someones hard work.
review 2: First thing first... It's stupid that the first chapter of this book is the last chapter of the first one! What did the another want to make up the word count or something. Really annoyed me since I went straight form the first one to this one.Another annoying factor was the flashbacks that Cameron has as she regains her memory. While they are essential to the plot (as it's important we know what she remembers) it's annoying to go back over thing we already know. Other than those two points it was quite good. A little repetitive but as a YA novel it's to be expected. Once again it's fast paced and the ending really builds to leave you on a lovely cliffhanger that has you buying he next book! less
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The drama continues... Was good enough to read in a few hours, but not as good as the first book?!
Another great book by Lori Brighton. It was fast paced and never lost my interest.
Good but not as good as the first one.
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