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The Round House (2012)

by Louise Erdrich(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 1
0062065246 (ISBN13: 9780062065247)
review 1: I loved this novel. Part mystery, part coming of age tale, I was riveted from the moment I read the first page. Erdrich does a great job of showing the beauty of Native America culture while highlighting the horrors experienced at the hands of American white culture. Much like Joe's mother, the people of the reservation had been taken advantage of and stripped of all value by the white man. Although Joe wishes to heal his mother, and the people of the reservation, the hurt is too deep to make amends. Even the priest, who is meant to be a bringer of salvation, is seen as whitewashing Native American culture. Throughout the novel, Joe relates much of his childhood through stories of his friend Cappy and their many adventures. Cappy is a source of escape and carefree adventur... morees for Joe. And, in the end, Joe can only move on when Cappy is gone, when all of his childhood ties have been broke and he is free to become an adult.
review 2: Thought provoking, insightful, moving, and tragic tale of violence, racism, and a boy's coming of age in the midst of it. Also a sweet story of a boy's love for his mother and his innate and inescapable need to protect her. Erdrich writes what she knows so eloquently, without anger or blame, but with clear passion and conviction. This was the first I've read of her, but certainly won't be the last. less
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The writing was good but the story was not that compelling even though it should have been.
It's ok. I get weary of adolescents that need to show their parents how to live.
Lack of quotation marks distracting. Slow starting, but good second half.
Beautifully written. Just never excited me. Put it down for weeks
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