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Cowboy Love (2014)

by Lynn Hagen(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Bear County
review 1: So this was just an average read for me. Let's give it 2.5 stars. Take out the shifter and the mpreg factor and the story was pretty much a lot of nothing. The romance was mediocre and was lacking the sort of D/s relationship I was hoping for between the shifter and his human mate. And the title is a bit misleading. There is very little "cowboy" going on here beyond the fact that the men happen to live on a ranch. But it was a quick and easy read and I am all for quick and easy these days. This was my first mpreg book. Perhaps I am supposed to already know how that works. But I don't and it wasn't explained too well. I can set aside the fact that there was no anatomical explanation for how a human male carries a baby. But I NEEDED TO KNOW how the birthing happened... more. Did the baby come out his ass? Also, this new baby. What's his deal? Is he born human and develops shifter qualities later? And another thing. It seemed that Harland expected Dresden to get pregnant the first time they had sex. But after the first child is born, Harland tells Dresdan he doesn't expect them to have more kids. How do you do family planning in a relationship with Mpreg. Must they always use condoms? I have so many questions and no answers. *sighs*Like I've been saying, I dunno.
review 2: This is the 70th book I have read by Lynn Hagen and I'm now convinced that Lynn Hagen just can't be one person. This was okay read because I felt like I read this story before this author or authors who write these kind of books. Since I read so many of this author book, I'm kind of over the sex scene. Don't get me wrong, I like them but wish the world was build more. One of my issue with this book is the "villians".They were stereotypical kind and instead of been entertained by them I was just annoyed that they were included in the story. less
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This was such a friggin sugary read lol. Nice buttseck. Made me smile silly. :D
What a great start to this series loved it
It was ok cute. but odd lol
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