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A Cruel Bird Came To The Nest And Looked In (2011)

by Magnus Mills(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
1408821206 (ISBN13: 9781408821206)
Bloomsbury Publishing
review 1: OK yes I liked it. But there does come a point when a Magnus Mills book makes you want something to actually resolve. Things seem to happen with no clear reason and I think you just have to accept that it's the page by page reading of the book - and the naive language and storytelling style - that is enjoyable rather than any kind of 'big ending' or resolution you might expect at the end. Get past that and you'll be fine.
review 2: An enjoyable read, though a little more mystifying than usual. Perhaps I'm trying to read too much into it; perhaps there is no allegory and the book isn't really about modern life and the fall of the British Empire - there are plenty of hints, but there are a whole host of demented red herrings. Why are all the characters named afte
... morer birds - some greater meaning, or just a fun theme? Why are there no female characters save for the non-appearing dancing girls? The book feels like it should have recognisable real world links, but there's not quite enough information to figure it all out. Enjoyable, yes, but tinged with frustrating inscrutability. less
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A satire on government bureaucracy or just a very strange, very enjoyable and very funny book.
Would have given more, but rushed ending.
A slight work.
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