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Le Chef (2014)

by Margaret Mallory(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
2811211446 (ISBN13: 9782811211448)
Return of the Highlanders
review 1: Review of audiobook 3.5 starsI think this was my least favorite of the 4 books in the series only because I wanted to thump Connor over the head so many times for his cluelessness. Ilysa is the real gem of the book. She's patient, kind, staunchly loyal but has a backbone and knows her own mind. I enjoyed the conclusion to the series and am sad to see it end.Highly recommend entire series in audiobook.
review 2: The final installment and the end to my Highlander Hawtness December Month of reading.I could not be happier with the end of this story. From the beginning Ilysa has been quietly running things behind the scene and keeping of sight. Connor is your typical idgit man and doesn't even realise how Ilysa runs his castle for him. I would like to throttle him.
... more But the best part about this final book is that Ilysa is a healer and a sort of witch in training with a gift of 'the vision'.What's even more fantastic is the mysterious way she and her brother Duncan were born. Through the story you learn where she really comes from and how it will save her clan a bloody war. And eventually Connor gets his head out of his ass and does right by her. less
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I wasn't sure if she could top Duncan's story.....this does come reeeallllyyy close.
Loved this Series so much! One of the top Highland series I have read.
I was able to get this book three days early and it was Awesome!!!!!
Loved it. One of my favorite Higlanders series.
loved it
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