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Cinder (2012)

by Marissa Meyer(Favorite Author)
3.01 of 5 Votes: 18
0312641893 (ISBN13: 9780312641894)
Feiwel & Friends
The Lunar Chronicles
review 1: A cyborg Cinderella...hmmm. At the get go, I was unsure about whether to be completely disinterested or completely intrigued with the idea. I am glad that I decided my thoughts were more the latter and dove into the tale. Cinder lives in 'New Beijing' in the distant future. She is part human and part robot. Not what one would expect to come out of such a traditional story, and I will admit that it took some time to adjust to the futuristic language. Netscreens, comming, androids. Yes, I had to do some researching and major context clue work to figure out what everything meant and how to visualize exactly what was happening. Once you get accustomed to it, though, the language becomes second nature and doesn't stand in the way of enjoying the book. Cinder was adopted at the ... moreage of eleven, but she does not remember anything from before that time. She only knows that there was a terrible accident and that she had to be pieced back together with metal, silicon, and other manmade materials. Her adoptive father went out of his way to keep her safe, but he died of a disease called letumosis shortly thereafter. The disease has become a pandemic in New Beijing and around the world. In addition to many people being plagued by letumosis (including the emperor), an evil Lunar queen named Levana has made a surprise visit from her kingdom on the moon to attend the emperor's funeral and to make an alliance with the emperor's son - the prince. The people of New Beijing, along with others around the world, are outraged that Levana would set foot on Earth,. They are also worried that she will bring war and unrest. Adventure, suspense, love, death, and....cyborgs?! This book has it all. I look forward to reading the other books in the series.
review 2: One of the best books what I've read recently next to the Fault in our stars. It was so amazing even when I knew the twist on the (SPOILER ALERT) 53rd page of the 428. (END OF SPOILER) I love reading, I love books, the feeling that they give to me, but I'm sure you know exactly the difference between a good book and a book that you LOVE. This is the second category, and I love it. And I don't have problems with the women main characters, but... you know, they are women. But Cinder was just amazing in this aswell. She has way too many reasons to keep complaining and moaning all the time AND SHE DOESN'T. Love it. ♥ less
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Such a great re-telling story of cunderella:)
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