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The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules For Innovation In The New World Of Crafters, Hackers, And Tinkerers (2013)

by Mark Hatch(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
0071821120 (ISBN13: 9780071821124)
review 1: This is a call-to-action to join the maker movement by the CEO of TechShop, a commercial makerspace. Hatch obviously has a vested interest in his message, but I generally did agree with his arguments, though I felt he often understated the amount of effort required to become competent with some of the tools. I'd say listen to the audiobook at 2x. Note that there's some overlap with "Zero to Maker" by David Lang, but Hatch is more interested in the issue from a management/economic perspective where Lang is taking a more personal/1st person perspective.
review 2: Not sure that this needed to be a whole book. It's based on a great concept, which is hard to argue. One star for that. One more star for his enthusiastic advocacy of the movement. Feels like a series of
... more blog posts though, with a variant of the same story told over and over. I could forgive that too, if it wasn't for the abundant self-satisfaction in the author's own company, TechShop. I don't mean this to be overly negative, because I enjoyed it on the whole. I just feel that either it was stretched out to "fit the format" or maybe it would have been better suited to another medium. less
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Worth reading but I've enjoyed David Lang's Zero to Maker more.
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Now I want to make something!
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