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Terms Of Enlistment (2013)

by Marko Kloos(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
Frostbite Publishing
review 1: This is a perfectly serviceable book and I would absolutely read a sequel. The reason I'm giving it three stars is because while it's well executed and the characters well rendered, it's a story I've seen more than once. If it's predictable; if I know where it's going next, and quite likely what a sequel might entail, I'm afraid I'm going to award it less stars for originality in a market too often saturated with well executed plots seen before.
review 2: Almost gave up on this but by chapter 10 the action starts and was enough to keep my interest till the end. Even so there is very little character development and very little emotion in this story. Parts of the book read as a litany of events especially right after the protagonist leaves home for boot camp. T
... morehere is better military science fiction out there but I'm always looking for new stuff so I will be reading the next part it this series. less
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Good read and good story. Well written too.
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