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Gerechter Zorn (2009)

by Markus Heitz(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
349270154X (ISBN13: 9783492701549)
Die Legenden der Albae
review 1: Righteous Fury is a welcome return to the world of Markus Heitz’s Dwarves series. There’s a crossover of events, but as the first in the Legends of the Älfar series, this novel is very much an opposite to Dwarves in terms of which side we’re following. The main characters, Sinthoras and Caphalor, are both known to those familiar with the Dwarves series and Righteous Fury gives a good insight into the world of these Älfar, and the events that lead up to the storming of the great Stone Doorway.Righteous Fury also gives us a first glimpse at the Gålran Zhadar, which begins to provide answers to questions raised in Fate of the Dwarves, and it will be interesting to see how that pans out along the rest of the Älfar story later on. Righteous Fury has a good pace and i... mores well written, even if the story itself is not as engrossing as that of the Dwarves series. There’s some good action involved, but I see this as mainly a scene-setting sort of novel. It’s definitely a worthwhile read though, and hopefully the follow up novels will continue with some of the more interesting exploits of Sinthoras and Caphalor.
review 2: Krutí a zlí? Moc ma nepresvedčili. Možno tak arogantní. Caphalor skôr pôsobil dojmom zmäteného pomstychtivého hrdinu, ktorý zvládne všetko a z arogantného Sinthorasa sa stane tuctový hrdina. Nejedná sa o nejakú epickú fantasy, ale o cestu hrdinov za slávou. Napriek sklamaným očakávaniam sa knižka príjemne číta a som rád, že som po nej siahol pred Trpaslíkmi, aspoň nemám spoiler ako to s dvojicou dopadne. less
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Quite different to the Dwarves trilogy, not as epic maybe. Still entertaining, worth a read.
Genial, jetzt dürfen die Albae, die Todfeinde der Zwerge zu Wort kommen - klasse!
Preklad: Zdeněk Sladovník
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