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The Dwarves (2003)

by Markus Heitz(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
1841495727 (ISBN13: 9781841495729)
The Dwarves
review 1: This book has a strong plot and is sufficiently original to keep your attention. The only hurdle you have to get over is the translation. It was originally written in German and then was translated into English. The translator did a good job, but every now and then a word just feels out of place.I did give this book two stars because while it is a rather original idea to have dwarves take the main role as protagonist, these dwarves are the cousins that Gimli avoids because they're just too dwarf. They are constantly getting drunk, hitting things, smithing, mining, fighting, and hating elves. There is memorable time spent by the protagonist about how he loves the female lead's facial hair, he's that much a dwarf.Also, without giving anything away, the protagonist is going t... moreo hit a point in the story where he stops screwing up. The first part is all about his screw-ups and aimless wandering. But that ends and he is suddenly respected, right all the time, and very much not the dwarf he was. No period of growth, he gets two paragraphs telling us that he gets dwarf lessons and ba-boom master dwarf is here.
review 2: This is a book that I recommend to anyone that really enjoys high fantasy. To me it was a bit of a labored reading, and it took me a good half the book to get into it, but in the end it was worth it. I fell deeply ensconced in the lives of Tungdil, Lot-Ionan, and many more. It does have many, many distinct characters, and they all have fantastically different personalities, but some parts of this book were just hard to get through. Would I read it again? Yes. Would I enjoy it again? Probably more so the second time. Am I going to read it again? Probably not. Overall, a good read to get into the rest of the series. less
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better than average fantasy romp with some original themes.well worth a read
3.5, good premise, alright story, but dragged on way too much.
Outstanding series.
very good!
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