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Naruto, Tome 42 (2009)

by Masashi Kishimoto(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 2
2505005990 (ISBN13: 9782505005995)
review 1: imo this was one of the best volumes I've read so far in this series. Jiraiya...sob...he wasn't one of my favorite characters, but he was still awesome. Tobi and Naruto's group meet, and the fun begins. And we get Sasuke and Itachi finally beginning their beat down on each other. Reading that part of the manga I felt better about my relationship with my sibling, because no matter how effed up you get along, NOTHING compares to how messed up the Uchiha boys are. Dysfunction at it's most homicidial.
review 2: Dayum. That was fast-paced... Had my heart pounding through the whole thing. Though the whole fire, lightning thing is so similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Oh. My. God. I just realized. Sasuke, aside from having a resemblance to Silver from Pokemon, is
... morethe fact that he's almost exactly like Zuko... The anger... the wanting revenge... the whole I-have-to-get-stronger-blah blah... They both started out so innocent and because Itachi killed the Uchiha clan and Zuko's mom just disappeared... they turned into these cold, angry people. But in the end, Zuko found his old self and the world was happy again. I dunno about Sasuke... less
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Crying on this one too- *Ughhh* Jiraya....Minato...Kushina.... *sobs again*
F KIS naruto v.42
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