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Goldstrike: A Thriller (2010)

by Matt Whyman(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 4
1416995102 (ISBN13: 9781416995104)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Carl Hobbes
review 1: Sequel to "Icecore". Whyman starts the action right off with a James-Bond-type scenario of teens on the run from the CIA, and since I read this book first I enjoyed the mystery. There are subtle allusions to the pair, teens Carl and Beth, having escaped from a maximum security detention facility in Antarctica, but you can pick up the action without too much confusion. Carl must use his expert computer hacking skills to keep them hidden. He gets a job at a storage facility that uses a super computer to govern all its functions. Of course, this is a magnet for someone with Carl's talents to see if he can hack it. What are they hiding in this facility? Throw in a couple of assassins and the CIA chasing them and it's a flurry of action from start to finish. Unfortunate... morely, the character development is non-existent, and though some teens will probably enjoy the heart-pumping action and descriptions of hacking, others will want more out of the characters. This one falls flat in my opinion.
review 2: The story picks up where Icecore left off, with teens Carl and Beth on the run from various government and international agencies. Carl, the computer hacker whiz kid, and Beth, the bullion thief, are having trouble adapting to normal life until Carl gets a job at Sphinx- a fortress like security building hard wired with its' own supercomputer. Just when things are getting comfortable, Carl and Beth find themselves the targets of not one but two assassins.Enjoyable quick read, not a lot of depth 2.5stars less
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This was a great book. It kept me guessing throughout, and I liked the thrill of it.
Much better than the first. More later
ang mga tao sa goldstrike
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