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The Spike (2013)

by Matthew Iden(Favorite Author)
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Life Sentence Publishing
Marty Singer
review 1: Over the course of four books I have come to like the Marty Singer character very much. Matthew Iden has created a likable, yet formidable and determined character in this retired DC homicide detective. His relationship with Amanda is heartwarming without being overly sentimental. In "The Spike" he is hired to investigate the murder of a young woman who was pushed in front of a train. His investigation almost immediately takes him deep into the workings DC politics as it relates to real estate development. I very much enjoy the way Iden develops his characters, and as I read I was again reminded why I enjoy books more than movies... there is more opportunity to savor the language. In "The Spike" Iden gives us a great exchange between Singer and two old black men from whom ... morehe hopes to draw information about the "old days" in the neighborhood. The conversation is a delightful dance between Singer and the two men that goes on for several pages. Dennis and James (I wonder if, like I do, Iden remembers the game show host of early television, Dennis James?) want to help but are somewhat wary of him when he plies them with a quart bottle of Virginia Gentleman. "So what's a white boy like you want, sharing your premium liquor with two beat-down homies from the Quarters?""James," Dennis said. "No need to be rude, now.""He's white," James protested. "What you want me to say? (MF) glows like a lightbulb." "It's all right, Dennis," I said. "I know I'm white. I mean, look at the way I dress." Dennis leaned out from the table so he could take a gander at my duds. "You do be lacking any sense of style." Later in the conversation, Singer asks them about a certain woman who had lived in the neighborhood. "... Kids throw rocks at her house or hang out on the step? Did folks hate her or could she have run for mayor.""Them last two ain't mutually exclusive, you know," James said. I shrugged, conceding the point.Dennis and James finally provide the clue Marty needs, and Singer is on his way to an exciting showdown. All in all, "The Spike" by Matthew Iden has believable characters and a solid story.
review 2: I was looking forward to this book and I was not disappointed. Marty Singer is a retired detective who just completed his treatment for colon cancer. He is a very vulnerable and real character and I have grown to like him. Being the same age as he is, I can relate to a lot of his memories and opinions.I have enjoyed the entire series so far and this one was very entertaining and a bit beefier than some of Matthew's previous books. He certainly knows how to spin a yarn.Can't wait for more. Keep it up!! less
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Read on my Kindle. Good book, enjoyed the story line and the characters.
Great addition to a solid series.
Good detective series.
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