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Into The Mist (2009)

by Maya Banks(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
1605040150 (ISBN13: 9781605040158)
Samhain Publishing
Falcon Mercenary Group
review 1: During a mission in the Middle East, a group of men have been exposed by an unknown chemical that enables them to become shifters. Unable to control his abilities, Damiano is deemed the unfavorable one of the group. Seeking for answers and the possibility of a cure, his sister Tyana sets out to find Eli Chance, another member of the group who is rumored to have the control Tyana longs for her brother to obtain. Finding Eli is easy, keeping him out of her bed...not so much!
review 2: This novel had it all; suspense, action, steam, and some real tearjerker moments. I was caught up in the suspense of the tale, trying to figure out what was coming next. That said, the narrator didn’t do this book justice. She downplayed the action in the tale rather than in
... morefusing emotion and suspense into the novel. This would have been much better as a print copy. The characters in this tale had me from the get-go. They weren’t your typical shifters, but rather had a definite twist on the norm. It was also a cast full of alpha males, which would set anyone drooling. Overall, this was a unique introduction to the series and left me wanting more. I definitely want to know what’s coming next for these loveable yet aggravating characters. less
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Great book full of strong characters and lots of action
Great story line. Can't wait to read the series.
Wish there were more of this series.
KGI with shape-shifters.
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