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Phantom Instinct (2014)

by Meg Gardiner(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 5
0525954317 (ISBN13: 9780525954316)
Dutton Adult
review 1: Harper Flynn is working as a bartender when three gunmen walk into the crowded room with guns and start shooting. Drew, her boyfriend tries to reach across the bar and pull her to safety but before he can, he is shot in the back. Aiden Garrison, a detective tries to help too but before he can reach her, the place is set on fire and the floor collapses. Now, it's a year later and as Harper suspects she is being stalked, she seeks Aiden's help but he suffered a head injury and is not working as a detective any longer. As Harper begins to work with Aiden, she is aware he does not fully trust her. It was a good story and the unexpected twist at the end caught me off guard. Lots of hair raising parts which made it difficult to put down.
review 2: The story was almo
... morest 90% hopeless panic, at several moments I had to stop because as a reader I couldn't hold on anymore. No hope. No future. Not being able to even gleam at an ending, made it had to accept that there was every going to be a substantial ending. Overall it was an intriguing plot, but Harper's character is just to finicky and whiny. She was a "strong" individual" but her character wasn't. less
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Did not like the style of this author's writing or some of the plot lines. Could not finish.
Great book from beginning to end! Very exciting!
...needed some editing, this book was too long
Loved it!!!!!!
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