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Alive (2013)

by Megan D. Martin(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
Megan D. Martin
review 1: I really liked this one as it didn't have the usual sexually experienced heroines that I have found in this authors books it's my personal taste that I prefer my heroines to be a little more innocent so this book def hit my criteria and even tho I really despised the hero's previous treatment of her I think he somewhat redeemed himself in his love for her I do wish the book was a bit longer as the characters did not seem fleshed out enough but still def my fave so far by this author.
review 2: Ok I am so torn by this book. I was totally sucked in with in the first two sentences but then with the language in the first half of the book I was distracted. I loved how the author could switch pov and between past and prestent almost seamlessly and she is the queen of
... more cliff hangers. You expect zombie books to have a level of grossness to them, I mean it is zombie, but this one pushed it even further (ugg the lurkers.....oh my GROSSS). So I rated 3 stars because the language really did bother me (one word choice in particular...just not nessicary). And I would not recommend this book to my book club but that also is in large to I originally thought it was YA...hmmm wrong on that one. But since I did get sucked into the characters specialy Gage and Eve I will read the next one. less
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loved this book cant til olive's book
A great story. I love Eve and Gage.
Review under BookJunkyGirls
No. Just no.
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