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Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice (2012)

by Michael Brandman(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
0307987787 (ISBN13: 9780307987785)
Random House Audio
Jesse Stone
review 1: I greatly enjoy the television movie versions of the Jesse Stone novels with Tom Selleck. This book read like a script from one of those shows -- little wonder that Brandman worked on the TV series. I love the characters and the dialogue is fun, but I found the story a little thin. Overall, I would recommend this as a quick vacation read; it won't overtax your mind, and it leaves you feeling satisfied, wanting to hang out with Jesse and the gang again.
review 2: Parker was never much of a writer, but a good storyteller. Seems like his clone has not introduced any improvement in the writing, but it is a fun read. It's a lot of work turning pages, though, because what has been sold as a novel is really just a long short story whipped up with a lot of white spa
... morece. What I found annoying with Parker and now with this guy (what's his name?) is 1) his insistence on describing the character's clothing complete with designer labels and 2) the somewhat embarrassing inclusion of the "noble savage," in this case Crow and in others, Hawk. Cute names, though. Better TV than book. less
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Equally light as the previous posthumous Jesse Stone book.
Another Jesse Stone novel that doesn't disappoint.
Mostly fluff. I still like Jesse Stone, though.
JS#11: MB#2: Hollywood in town, PR Girl,
short stoy written ok
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