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Night And Day (2009)

by Robert B. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
0399155414 (ISBN13: 9780399155413)
Putnam Adult
Jesse Stone
review 1: Paradise police chief Jesse Stone has some unusual cases to deal with. First, he’s asked to investigate a school principal who’s violated her students’ rights by personally checking to ensure that they’re wearing proper underwear before attending a school dance. The second is that one of those girls visits Jesse’s office because she’s upset with her parents’ swinging lifestyle (and I’m not referring to dancing). Third, a peeping tom has appeared on the scene and he’s escalating his obsession into something much more sinister and potentially dangerous.Night and Day is the first Jesse Stone novel I’ve read. Smart and funny Jesse has a cool way of handling suspects and interviewees. He feels compelled to address each of the odd situations, even though only... more one involves a crime. The snappy dialogue moves the plot along at a quick pace, yet the relaxed tone will hold a lot of appeal to cozy readers in this police procedural. It’s unusual to find a mystery where no one is murdered, however the possibility of murder kept me turning the pages.Having only read one book in this series it’s hard to say if Paradise’s quirky citizens are a normal part of life in the town. I’m guessing that more serious crimes have occurred in earlier books. Robert B. Parker portrays characters and settings so well that words aren’t wasted, which makes this a quick story with more depth than first appears.
review 2: If you're a San Diegan, there are two things that happened in 2002 that you'll never forget. One was the case of the vice principal who was concerned that the girls at a school dance would show off too much so she inspected the girls' underwear before allowing them to enter the dance. That was funny in a weird sort of way compared to the other 2002 occurrence that took over all media for months: the case of young Danielle Van Dam who was snatched out of bed by a psycho neighbor (who later killed her and hid her body) while her parents were at a swinger's party. These two things came together in this novel. I'd like to think that if Danielle was a little older, she would have handled it in the same was that the girl in this book did. Knowing these cases well made the book a bit difficult emotionally for me but it was written in such a loving, caring way by the super Chief of Police that it was a quick, entertaining read. I must admit that I enjoy Parker's Spencer character a bit more that I do Stone (so intelligent and those wisecracks are great). Another good novel! less
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One more to go in this series. I'm really going to miss Jesse Stone.
A good story and the subplot is starting to move along as well.
Another great book by Parker. I would recommend
JS#8: Weird School one
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