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Split Image (2010)

by Robert B. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
0399156232 (ISBN13: 9780399156236)
Putnam Adult
Jesse Stone
review 1: I was introduced to the Jesse Stone character through the TV series starring Tom Selleck. Now having read several of the books, I think he captures the character well. I mention that because if you read these books for all the familiar characters, it's a fun quick read. If you dig a little deeper, you'll find the quality rivals a one hour police procedural on TV. There are basically two story lines here and neither of which particularly intrigued me. The staccato rhythm of the writing is pleasant, but after a while it just feels shallow to me. This book was like a nice potato chip, tasty at first but in the end leaves you feeling unsatisfied and thirsty.
review 2: I've been a longtime Robert Parker fan and read all of the Spencer for Hire books with a gusto. W
... morehen Robert Parker came out with the Jesse Stone novels the character seemed so real and so human to me, it was a very enjoyable series to read. This final book "Split Images" did not disappoint. Robert Parker has always written about the comparison/contrasts between good and bad, throw in a little "do the right thing", peppered with a lot of psychology and soul searching. No wonder he sold as many books as he has. I liked reading how Jesse Stone struggles with his inner demons and searches to mend his problems. I think in this book he finally prevails. Not to add any spoilers, I'm personally fond of how he does it. Just to add, I also like his cast ensemble - Molly, Suit, Sunny. Not a lot of background, but enough to add good interest. Thank you Robert Parker for the many hours of reading pleasure you provided. less
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JS#9: Sunny Randall on case, sparks fly, Mob stuff
Enjoyed reading
Very good story
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