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La Profecía De Las Hermanas (2009)

by Michelle Zink(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
846678540X (ISBN13: 9788466785402)
Prophecy of the Sisters
review 1: The cover is pretty. The title is promising. The story is........... -_-The story is about twin sister who made choices. One is to the dark side, one is to the good side. Angel and demon thingy. Yes, boring. To make it different from this the common theme, they lived In 19th century. But did I feel like they lived in there? No. Aside from the very beginning the author told us the year, and the gown, and the carriage, there's nothing else that showed me that the story happened in 19th century. The author didn't put in the depth so the plot went so flat chapters by chapters until the few last part where the main character Lia had to fight with the evil spirit in the spirit world. And even that went.....normal. It's like i can feel the author struggle so bad to make this as ... morethe climax of the story. I hate to say that I'm not impressed with this book and won't read the next 2 books (i heard this is a trilogy! Wow!)
review 2: I thought I'd like this one more....I think the instant disconnect with the sisters in the very beginning of the book didn't make sense to me. Two twins girls who have lost their mother and now lost their father - I couldn't help but imagine them bonding together and not being driven apart.so from there, the whole book just seemed boring to me. The role each sister would play seems so obvious in the beginning that, even with the silly info in the middle, there just didn't seem like any surprises, suspense or really anything interesting going on... less
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The cover caught my attention Sooo creepy looking lolJust added to my TBR list
Pani, na to ze je to v 19. stoleti me to dost bavilo :)
2.5Tengo tantas ganas de decir lo que piensode esto.
Disappointment. Hope second book will be better..
new twist to a rivalry between two twin siters
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