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Die Prophezeiung Der Schwestern - Liebe Und Verrat (2000)

by Michelle Zink(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
Prophecy of the Sisters
review 1: ugh, disappointed. The first book was sooooo much better. It was weird and original and dark and a little creepy. This one was good for the first half, but by the end I was really unsure about reading the third one. It became cliché and boring and i was happy to finish it.Problem #1, her obsession with Dimitri is SO DAMN ANNOYING. UGH. it's so incredibly cheesy and annoying. She's kissing him and feeling her crotch tingle over him every two pages! OKAY you like him and he is perfect and bla bla bla we get it. MOVE ON.And there were many repetitions of words too ("fathom" was side like 3 times in 2 pages at one point) or thoughts, like how amazing her silk robe felt on her bare skin and sh**. All they did was ride around on horses and then stay on an island and ride some ... moremore and defeat bad guys.Also, the overly polite words and conversations got tedious at times.I feel like I still don't really understand what the point of the prophecy is, either. I'm not even sure if I know what they're trying to do. Stop the Souls? What does the guardian even do? What's the point of having Lia rule Altus later on if she is going to stop the Souls for good? Once she stops them, there won't be a point in the Sisterhood, right? my brain is confused. it seems like the whole plot is very vague.
review 2: This book was frustrating. One thing Ive noticed in series' of books is that the second book usually takes a really long time to get into because there always has to be some reference to the backstory of the first book. The exception to this rule, I feel, is the Harry Potter series. Anyway, can I also ask what the need for a trilogy is? I could see this series being a single book, or even a 2 book series, but is there really a need to have to draw it out into 3 books? Lia, as a female character is seemingly weak and needy. She is confused easily, distracted easily, and a tad disloyal. By this progression in the series, she should know to expect the unexpected and be prepared to battle for things she cant yet understand.I was entirely surprised at how quickly she was able to be with Dimitri. Like, it wasnt even a question of loyalties or respectability. It was just like BOOM! now we're together. Maybe because I read this second book right after I read another second book of a series that really did grip me and left me begging for more, but I think she gave in a little too easily. And then she's all mad when Alice does what she does in the next book. (Havent read it yet, just the preview in this book) But I mean, Hello?? You are with Dimitri now. Why are you jealous? And while all of this makes your life seem oddly normal, shouldnt you be more worried about whats going on with the prophecy rather than who is dating whom? And then the hurried nature with which the rest of the plot is referenced seemed a little disrespectful to the characters that had to endure while Lia was in Altus. It seemed like an afterthought; like the author forgot there was a whole situation going on back in London that needed to be addressed. I dont know. I was sadly disappointed with this series. The first book was a page turner for me, but this one took me about a week to finish. I cant really get my mind around where they are, what everyone really looks like, the struggles they're going through. And why does everyone always have blonde hair or red hair? Oh, I think the souls have black hair. Anyway, if you've read the first book, Id say finish up the series. Otherwise, if you're looking for something exciting, funny, gripping, with characters that you cannot get enough of, read the Infernal Devices series. Those books are great! less
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I loved the first one and this one! I recommend
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