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El Ritual De Avebury (2011)

by Michelle Zink(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
Prophecy of the Sisters
review 1: This is review will have spoilers so beware.I'm not even going to get into detail because I've already said it, the writing and the characters are fantastic. I love Dimitri. I love Dia/Limitri.Now I'm just going to talk about some scenes towards the end of the book.There was a bit of a confusion about Beltane. This is when they're on the road to perform the Rite and close the Gate AFTER Gareth leaves with Brigid. One night Lia says there are only two days left to Beltane and then the following morning she says there are only three days. It's not a serious issue but it bugs me.I kid you not when I say I was thinking I'm glad Lia will not have sex with Dimitri before Beltane. I was like "You go girl! You don't need to have sex before your possible death!" and then she got ou... moret of the bathtub and basically bow chicka wow wow *basically*. I am glad though that Lia politely bossed Dimitri around like "Can you please hand me the blanket?" and "Can you help me dry up?". But the actual indication of sex was like " And I opened myself up for him" and that's it. Like you telling me this fucking hot scene where this fucking hot guy is drying your body with a blanket and you end it with that sentence? Could have been hotter.The arrival of Alice was a small surprise. I was thinking Lia could do it alone but then Alice came and it was obvious she was going to die.It was obvious Lia will accept the position of the Lady of Altus and that my bbs will be together.I am glad that this had a happy ending because I would not bear another OTP ruined by the inability of authors to think of any other non-happy ending besides killing one of my babies.RANT OVER.
review 2: This was one of the worst series I've ever read. The author took WAY to long to get to the action. It seemed as though the book had a never-ending supply of useless information. The characters were so underdeveolped it was hard to truly feel attached to the characters. Was not worth my time AT ALL. less
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I loved this trilogy. It was exciting to the very end.
wonderful ending! with a mystery from alice...
Good end to the trilogy
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