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The Answer! (2013)

by Mike Norton(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 1
1616551976 (ISBN13: 9781616551971)
Dark Horse Comics
review 1: I mostly/somewhat enjoyed it I guess. It was pretty confusing towards the end with long rambling explanations that a lot of times just didn't make sense. And the end didn't feel like an end at all and doesn't really answer anything. It's also disappointing to me to know so little about "the answer" even though it's the name of the comic. Nothing about him is explained. How does he live? What's up with his voice that's mentioned once and never explained? Does he have powers? There is just too much unresolved/non detailed shit going on here to really be happy with how it turned out.
review 2: There's an annoying bait-and-switch here. The title and cover of the book imply that it is a story about The Answer, a quirky superhero with an exclamation point on his face
... more mask. But really the story is about a super-intelligent librarian named Devin who is the key to unlocking some sort of ancient mystical tome. This was an interesting story, I just wish it had been clear from the beginning that that was what it was about. I will probably read further volumes, hoping that it explains The Answer's apparent immortality. less
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Mike Norton really is amazing at drawing facial expressions.
Clever, but not clever enough.
I wish it was longer.
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