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San Diego 2014: The Last Stand Of The California Browncoats (2012)

by Mira Grant(Favorite Author)
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review 1: San Diego Comic Con 2014 - one of the largest localised outbreaks of the Rising. Framed by excerpts from an interview by Mahir with the last known survivor of the event, the overlapping stories of a number of people trapped in the convention center are told from the opening of the con until the bitter end. My inner geek loved the setting and all the little nods to fandom everywhere in the story, and Mira Grant's incomparable talent for imbueing characters we barely know with so much personality and life that it feels like you've known them forever combined with her detached yet heartbreaking writing style give the story an enormously powerful impact.
review 2: A good story about the start of a zombie apocalypse, but there is something in the story's writing tha
... moret puts me off. Perhaps it's the knowledge that all the characters are doomed (no spoilers here, Ms. Grant reminds the reader of that fact every few pages from about page 3), or the fact that sometimes Ms. Grant gets too verbose in her exposition. That's one of the reasons I didn't completely like the first book of her Newsflesh Trilogy and will probably pass on the other two. less
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I didn't care for the ending, the story had a great setup for something awesome and then...Hmmmmmmm
Another great short story from Mira Grant that takes us into the days of the Rising.
Give a good understanding of "the first major incident" of the Rising.
Chilling and fascinating. I loved it, and now just want to read more!
Sad, but so much awesome!
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