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How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea (2013)

by Mira Grant(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Most disappointing Newsflesh book so far. I love this world and could have totally done without this addition to it. Sure, it was beautiful to hear about a space where you could still go outside in the post-zombie world, but almost nothing happened in this book, and nothing drew me in to the characters. I was invested in them so superficially that I spent most of the book wondering (but not really caring) who was going to die first.
review 2: Though this novella could stand alone I recommend that it be read only after reading the entire trilogy, since there are key spoilers to the trilogy and much that would not be understood as well without the background.In this Newsflesh Novella set a few years after the ending of the Main Newsflesh Trilogy Mira Grant takes
... moreher world building and examination of the evolution of society after the apocalypse to Australia. Where the difference in cultural attitudes present a different evolution of the post-apocalyptic society.In many ways once again Grant has used her location more as a stage. Forget the zombies, forget the apocalypse or even that this is in Australia and this is an examination on a possible evolution of society between 'civilization' and wilderness; and the different survival mentalities when fear is not the controlling factor.Mahir's reactions and fears in this wild environment are similar to reactions you might get if you were to take anyone raised exclusively in suburban or urban area's separate from nature environment and take them into the remaining true wilderness areas that exist today. Grant in true science fiction fashion pulls from many of today's environmental debates, controversies and challenges and examines them in her fantastic world. This novella is a fun read for anyone wanting just a little more of the NewsFlesh world, but the story really does not feel like a full Novella, but more of an extended intro to a new book or series, there was no resolution, more questions were asked and issues raised than answered. less
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With the exception of the zombie Kangaroos and Wombats and Koalas, this book was terribly boring.
I love her writing. All of the novellas that go along with the Feed trilogy are amazing.
3.5 I was a little bored, but I love this world so much I don't even care.
this was charming and delightful.
Zombie Roos. AWESOME.
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