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The Importance Of Being Wicked (2012)

by Miranda Neville(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 5
006219903X (ISBN13: 9780062199034)
The Wild Quartet
review 1: This was the last published book of this series that I hadn't read, and I wanted to do it before The Duke of Dark Desires comes out on December 30th. I had loved Lady Windermere's Lover and more especially The Ruin of a Rogue, and The Importance of Being Wicked didn't disappoint. The main characters are both deliciously unusual for romance heroes, and even though I understood and enjoyed the next books just fine without knowing the details of what happened in this one, it was really great to see Julian, Cynthia, Anne, and Marcus, before their story. Now I'll just have to read the other two books again before the end of the month in order to enjoy The Duke of Dark Desires even more ;)
review 2: Another excellent book by Miranda Neville. I was a little wary when
... more I picked it up because I’ve read so many books with this premise, but the author manages to put a new spin on a familiar story. “Wild child” heroines often come across as immature, but Caro’s back story is so well developed that her actions make sense based on her personality. I also enjoyed that neither the hero or the heroine had to completely change their personality to make the relationship work. My interest waned slightly in the last third, where misunderstandings come between the hero and heroine a bit. (The disagreements were realistic, just not very romantic.) But the emotion of the ending made up for it. Another great book by Neville. less
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Started reading, then lost interest and sat unread on my Kindle for months.
This is so much fun...I can't wait for the next one :)
*3.5 STARS. Full review to come.
Loved it!
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