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¿Debo Compartir Mi Helado? (2000)

by Mo Willems(Favorite Author)
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1484722914 (ISBN13: 9781484722916)
Elephant & Piggie
review 1: Genre: FantasyCopyright: 2011Gerald is happy to buy a scoop of ice cream that he loves so much, and he intends to share it with his best friend Piggie. However, Gerald is hesitant to do so because he thinks that Piggie may not like the flavor of ice cream, and that it is wrong to share ice cream with friends if they don't like the flavor. Later on, Gerald thinks that maybe Piggie is sad, and sharing ice cream with Piggie can cheer him up. As Gerald is processing all the thinking, the ice cream melts away, which makes Gerald very sad. At this time, Piggie shows up with ice cream to cheer Gerald up, which reverses the roles of Gerald and Piggie in Gerald's head. This is a humorous story that makes children laugh. This could be a story to show young children the happiness of ... moresharing something with others.
review 2: Sharing is something everyone in our family struggles with and food is no exception. Willems does a wonderful job of showing the different sides to sharing, from the benefits to the guilt. The attractively simple illustrations makes this appropriate for all ages. If you're looking for a good beginner's reading book, this is a solid level 1 reading that any kid will enjoy. Watching the tension build as the ice cream begins to melt and the elephant struggles with his conscience is amusing and something my children could easily relate to. A good lesson mixed in with a marvelous story puts this in our favorites pile. less
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A great tale of the importance of sharing and learning to make up one's mind before the world melts.
a cute kid's story. not the level of seuss but fun
"I liked when Piggie got new ice cream."
A book about sharing
yes. always share.
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