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Undead Sublet (2013)

by Molly Harper(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I think I’m in love with Molly Harper. Molly’s novels have got to be in my top five favourite contemporary supernatural romance list. I find the humour awesome and engaging. She definitely appeals to my sense of humour whether it be wry, or the simple factors which make up everyday life. Like throwing up on someone you’ve just met. This would be the kind of thing I, personally, would excel at.As the saying goes ‘nowt weirder than folk’.
review 2: My Review:Please Note: this review is only for the novella UNDEAD SUBLET by Molly Harper, although it falls within an anthology with three stories. Personally I believe this novella alone makes the purchase of the anthology worth it, even if you never read the other two stories. I love this little quirky
... more town of Half Moon Hollow that Molly Harper has created. In this book, we meet a couple of new characters:1. Tess is a chef who has successfully run the kitchen in a very successful restaurant. It's a lot of work to run a kitchen and Tess finally broke under the strain of it all...having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the restaurant during service. As a result, she's been forced to take a month off to rest and recuperate. Without family or any other ties, she decides to visit Half Moon Hollow where her chef-mentor lives. She rents a house for a month from a lady getting a divorce.What she doesn't realize is that the woman's newly-turned vampire husband is still living in the basement.2. Sam...poor Sam...has gotten a raw deal. He was turned against his will and his wife left him because of it. The world may know there are vampires now, but that doesn't mean that everything is fair and legal for them. Something about being actually dead means that they've lost some rights and Sam's soon-to-be exwife is working to cash in on every single one of those unfair laws. She's NOT a nice person. The problem is....Sam still loves her and is devastated in multiple ways over what has happened. Both these characters are stuck in these very unhappy circumstances and I loved the way that the book transitioned for the two of them. At first, they were taking it out on each other, but then they began to see each other as something more than just enemies and start to work together. It was a fun, entertaining, and creative story. I loved the way that the story line moved and evolved. It was really a great story. DEFINITELY one of my favorite from this series!! less
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Fun, throwaway book. Great summer read.
ANother person added to the HMH gen pop
I need more Half Moon Hollow stories...
I like this series so much.
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