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Autumn Killing: A Thriller (2009)

by Mons Kallentoft(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 4
1451642679 (ISBN13: 9781451642674)
Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Malin Fors
review 1: I'd really enjoyed some Swedish mystery and crime novels last year, so was looking forward to reading this one by Mons Kallentoft... but unfortunately I literally had to force myself to finish this one. It seemed to me that either the writing style is disjointed and affected, or the translation was badly done. Either way, I won't be reading any more of Kallentoft's novels; life's too short for bad books!
review 2: Third in series. Liked: the setting,especially the evocation of the dripping wet autumn (each book in the series belongs to a season). Not so sure about: the frequent mentions of IKEA and H&M (not sure if this is product placement or just an attempt to remind us about Swedish businesses!). All the books in this series use the voices of the recently mu
... morerdered as new, confused, ghosts - not sure about that either but it certainly contributes to the atmosphere! As in the previous books in the series, the story has its roots in events in the past, and abusive parent-child relations are a part of that. Malin Fors, the detective, has an alcohol problem which is beyond heavy drinking, and coming from a country which (still) doesn't expect its police, on the whole, to be armed, I find that a bit uncomfortable to read. Not yet clear what exactly it is in Malin's own past that is an unspoken problem - perhaps the next book holds the answer? (there's only one season left, after all!) less
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Am reading the English PB edition, not featured on GoodReads.
The third of the Malin Fors series. An enjoyable read.
Great read! On to the next on his series.
Depressing. Too many flashbacks.
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