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Den Femte årstiden (2011)

by Mons Kallentoft(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 1
9127119033 (ISBN13: 9789127119031)
Natur & Kultur
Malin Fors
review 1: I skipped large passages of this book. It bordered on torture porn, but was also appallingly written, with its overblown and verbose descriptions. The author tried all sorts of cheap devices: switching tenses, short staccato sentences, clumsy similes and stereotyped characters. The book should have been less than half its length, if a modicum of good editing had been employed. But even that wouldn't have saved it from being spurious, sensationalist rubbish.
review 2: Not for the squeamish. This is the 5th in what was originally billed as a quartet, based around the four seasons (the author mentions the possibilities of 16 or 17 in-between seasons, so perhaps that is where these are now heading!) Malin Fors has given up the booze, but still takes huge risks in
... moreher work and although she has a new man she does not seem quite ready to accept her good fortune. In this book a long-running case in the background of the earlier books is solved. It involves some gruesome crimes (and a bit of police brutality too). less
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Ännu en torr alkis, usel förälder till polis som är besatt av sitt jobb. Jobbiga inre monologer.
Wow just wow. I have been having been dreams about this book from the day l started to read it.
I would give 5 stars if the end was less melodramatic...
English title - The Fifth Season
Bäst av årstisdböckerna.
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